Federal Little League began in 1954 when the name sake of our field Kenneth E. Dudley went before the City Council and asked for a plot of land to form a Little League. At that time in our area everyone played at American Little League. Mr. Dudley an active community member and City Councilman recognized the need for an additional field because of overcrowding. The City granted his request and Federal Little League received its Little League Charter that same year. The donated land was mostly swamp and had to be filled in to create the field and existing space we enjoy today.  At that time the field had a four foot high fence, dugouts, concession stand, restrooms and a manual scoreboard.  The field and surrounding amenities have had several updates over the decades.  In the early 70’s a car was raffled off to raise money for Federal Little league and with this money lights, a warning track, electric scoreboard and upgraded dugouts were added. Decades since the league has updated the facilities, scoreboard and bleachers as well as added a covered batting cage.  Most recently the lights have been upgraded to provide a safe and well lit field for evening games.



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